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by Calistrat Atudorei

Following the fact that yesterday, December 11, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) procedurally rejected the request made by the state of Texas, 18 other states and President Trump himself, to examine the complaint of electoral fraud against the states of Georgia, Wisconsin, Philadelphia and Michigan, the hopes of millions of people (not only in the United States, but around the world) seemed to have crumbled. Because for many of us it is clear now that the long-term course of entire humanity depends on the fate of the United States orientation.

Let’s put it bluntly: the huge US election fraud, for which there is a mountain of evidence, carried out with the complicity of a large number of corrupt politicians and of the mainstream media, shows without doubt that a coup has taken place in America! And the group that seeks to take power so brutally in the United States is actually planning to take over the leadership of all humanity. It is the same occult group that orchestrated the sinister staging of the “pandemic”; which aims to establish full control of the population through 5G networks and “smart cities”. It is the same “elite” who planned mass vaccination (with a serum containing toxic substances and nanochips); which has been waging most of the wars and coups for decades; which handles extensive networks of child trafficking, pedophilia and organ trafficking. They are the ones who pervert the educational systems, the national cultures and – under the guise of globalization – they seek to establish the World Government and the “New World Order”. They are the ones who are part of what we call Deep State, the Shadow Government, the Military Industrial Complex, the System, and who activates in groups like Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, etc. That is why we all know that if these psychopaths, who are organized into numerous and highly secret Masonic lodges, win in the most powerful state in the world, they would then most easily succeed in extending their dominion over the whole world.

Yet, from the heart of the most intensive events, today, December 12, 2020, we received a message of trust in the power of Good, Truth and Justice. And this message came from the famous general Michael Flynn, who spoke at a rally in Washington DC. It has to be said that despite what the fake media (not only in America, but around the world) tells to people, most Americans have come to appreciate Donald Trump. General Flynn reminded to the thousands of people gathered in Washington that We, the People, could not be stopped by the treacherous Supreme Court or by the Fake News Media, and he assured citizens that “WE WILL WIN!”

With the honesty that characterizes him, General Flynn spoke to the people in a simple and direct way, from the bottom of his heart. It is deeply significant that he began his speech by saying the “Our Father” prayer. He then outrightly denounced the criminal actions of Deep State, which now represents the public enemy no. 1, which can no longer hide in the darkness from which it comes. Here are some of Flynn’s statements during its 20 minutes speech:

Not only the entire population of America, but the entire world is now watching us very closely. What we asked the Courts of Justice to do was nothing else but transparency. Why don’t they want to examine the evidence? Because they have something to hide! But there are other ways to restore justice, we are working on it right now. Rest assured that the Truth will triumph! We are the ones who will win because we are fighting for the Truth! This is not only about Donald John Trump. It is about our rights and our country. If someone would ask me who the next president will be and would ask me to rate the chances on a scale of 1 to 10, do you know what I would say? On scale of 10 it will be Trump!

As an interesting coincidence (synchronicity), just as General Flynn started talking about Trump, above the rally appeared the presidential helicopter, with Donald Trump. It made a few laps, to the delight and amusement of the crowd.

Flynn compared the Deep State to a fortress whose occupants feel they can steal and subdue the American people, but he promised that the walls of this infamous fortress would be knock down. Full of confidence, he repeated that “We will never give up! We will win! ”

Flynn ended his speech by recommended people to pray because “Nothing can resist at the power of prayer!”

At the end of the rally, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano spoke through an online conexion, advising people to stand in the battle with the “Sons of Darkness” from Deep State and reminding that we actually are in the midst of a spiritual battle, whose strongest force is our prayer.

The speech of Flynn and the other speakers was broadcast live by Trunews television.

It is useful to know that Michael Flynn is the commander of a very special service of intelligence, which many associate, among other things, with the existence of the ‘Digital Army’, Q-Anon. It seems that precisely because of that, he has been appointed by Trump, at the beginning of his term, as the President’s Adviser on National Security. Given the Flynn’s exceptional strategic value, the Deep State sought to block his activity as early as 2016 through the stupid accusation that he had conspired with Russia for the election of Donald Trump. As a result, at the beginning of 2017, Flynn was officially indicted and removed from the Trump administration. Although this conspiracy (Russia Hoax) has been proven to be unfounded after three years, Flynn’s harassment in court and the limitation of his prerogatives continued. This is why Donald Trump recently put an end to this masquerade on November 25, 2020, without waiting for the completion of the natural legal procedures, postponed indefinitely by judge Emmet Sullivan, loyal to the Deep State. Precisely because now Trump needs to have Flynn fully operational again.

In a recent interview, General Flynn said that what Deep State did to America, with this electoral fraud, is absolutely grotesque. However, he specified that the “digital soldiers” will take action very soon and thus a lot of information will be exposed. But, he explained, a new platform is needed for Truth, as an alternative for the Main Stream Media. “And it will be done! We have to maintain our confidence and endurance! ”

Although for many it seems hard to believe, the logic of the facts leads us to the conclusion that the course of events will indeed shift, and very soon the history of the world will take a fortunate turn. We will not have to wait too long to check this forecast. The maximum deadline is January 20, 2021, the Inauguration Day for the new President mandate, for 2021-2024.

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